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Update Your Thermostat is Beneficial to Energy Consumption

Now that the temperatures are starting to warm up, now is the perfect time for update your thermostat. As homeowners, we don’t often think about how the thermostat works with our HVAC systems. But, the thermostat can help with energy consumption, automate temperature changes, zone temperatures and more.

Before summer hits, think about upgrading your thermostat. It will become more of a nuisance to update your thermostat when you are constantly turning to the thermostat and HVAC system to cool the house. Forget waking up in the middle of the night to turn on the air conditioning. When you upgrade your thermostat you will be able to program the temperatures for specific parts of the day. You can even control your thermostat setting using your smart phone!

Benefits of Updating Your Thermostat

When you update your thermostat you will have a plethora of option that will meet any homeowner’s needs. Make sure to do your research when selecting a new thermostat with so many options on the market it can get overwhelming. Choose a thermostat with features that you will use. There is no need to spend additional money for features you will not use. Make sure to place your thermostat in a sensible spot as well.

  • Lower Energy Bills. Lowering energy bills is one of the most beneficial features of a new programmable thermostat. When you are able to set the indoor temperature the unit will work less to reach that temperature. This is because of how air conditioning units circulate air. When the air conditioner is off, it will take longer and use more energy to reach desired temperatures. By programming the thermostat the indoor temperature will stay cooler at all times rather than working extra to cool an extremely hot inside temperature.
  • Automatic Temperature Change. When you leave you don’t want your system running full blast the entire time. A programmable thermostat allows you to select what the temperature will be at a specific time in the day. You can program the thermostat so when the indoor temperature is not at the target temperature, the system is running. Knowing how your heating and cooling system run, will be cost efficient.
  • Easily Readable. Old, traditional thermostats can be hard to read. Their manual settings typically have a dial of small numbers that can be difficult for some people to read. Most newer thermostat will come with a digital screen. This typically is easier to read and the numbers are accurate. Some thermostats nowadays even come with touch screen sensitivity.