Furnace Repairs and Service

Furnace Tune Ups For As Low As $69 In Denver, CO

Don’t Wait For A Furnace Malfunction

During Colorado’s cold front, a homeowner’s worst nightmare is a malfunctioning furnace. Homeowners need to be aware that just because a furnace is functioning doesn’t mean that it is working safely or efficiently. We want your home to be as comfortable as possible. That is why our technicians are available 24/7 in the Denver area. Below are some of the services we provide.

Service Highlights

  • Cracked heat exchanger repair
  • Dirty filter replacement
  • Ignition problem diagnostics
  • Improper ventilation services
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Thermostat repairs
  • No trip charge with repairs
  • Same-day service offered 24/7
  • Three-year repair service guarantee
  • Rebates offered for new systems
  • Free furnace with select AC packages
  • Free maintenance membership program with service

Furnace Certification

You want to be sure that all of your systems are running efficiently before buying or selling a home. We assure buyers, sellers and realtors that by choosing NOW Heating and Air, you are choosing a reputable, licensed and insured company. NOW Heating and Air performs furnace certifications, including a full safety check on your furnace. Call us today for a full inspection and tune up.

Furnace Tune Ups For As Low as $69


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