Broomfield HVAC Service; Residential and Commercial

NOWHA provides Broomfield HVAC service for commercial and residential.

Servicing the Following Zip Codes: 80020, 80021, 80023, 80038, 80234, 80516, 80602

NOWHA provides the town of Broomfield HVAC service. All technicians are knowledgeable to conduct a variety of services to your heating, cooling, water heater and ductwork to ensure your home or commercial building is a comfortable and healthy environment.

Services in Broomfield, CO


Immediately call us if your home needs service done to the HVAC system. Our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service will guarantee that a professional technician will be to your home in a timely manner. Once summer and winter hit, the demand for HVAC service is high when homeowners realize their system doesn’t work. Schedule an appointment early in the season to ensure your home will run right, when you need it most.
All technicians acquire the proper training and certifications before performing work on a home. With over 28 years of experience in the HVAC industry, a homeowner can be sure that the work performed by NOWHA will be complete to the highest standard. If the homeowner is not satisfied with the services that have been done, we guarantee our services our you don’t pay until you are completely satisfied.

  • Heating; Repair, replacement, installation and maintenance
  • Cooling; Replacement or installation and maintenance or repair
  • Water heater; Repair, maintenance, replacement or installation
  • Air ducts; Inspection, vent cleaning, pre-clean and deodorizing and sanitizing
  • Air quality; Air purification, ventilation, humidifiers and UV lighting


Commercial Broomfield HVAC service, whether a gas station or a corporate office building, will need to be seen annually. A well-running HVAC system inside a commercial building helps save on energy use which ultimately has lower utility expenses. When your system fails you need a reliable company that not only you can count on but also the customers and employees.
An unfunctional HVAC system can impact not only the mechanics of the building but can also cause an unworkable environment. The company might have to close down while their system is getting repairs and parts. Employees would not be able to work and no customers would result in a lack of revenue. To avoid problems with the HVAC system in your commercial business schedule maintenance annually.

  • Heating; Repair, replacement or installation and maintenance
  • Cooling; Repair or maintenance or replacement and installation
  • Refrigeration; Walk-in coolers, freezers
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical

What to expect from NOWHA

  • Answered questions. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the services or diagnosis that the HVAC technician provides. There are many components to your system that many homeowners or commercial building owners don’t know. Our technicians are here to help educate property owners on their HVAC system and what will work best for them.
  • Quality service. Each home serviced by NOWHA will be done to the highest degree. As a company we have set standards that all technicians uphold in a building. Our trained technicians have over 28 years of HVAC experience.
  • Trained on all HVAC brands. From new to old, technicians are knowledgeable about all brands of HVAC equipment. It is important to NOWHA to have a wide-variety of knowledge to properly diagnose and repair a problem. An old system might not need a full replacement but instead just a part for it to still efficiently work.
  • General safety check. During a service call we will perform a general safety check where technicians are able to look for any problems that could be dangerous. Leaking carbon monoxide, gas, cracks in the heat exchanger or other problems can be diagnosed.

100% Guarantee

Lastly, it can be difficult to choose what company to get Broomfield HVAC service from. With the vast option of companies out there it can get confusing on what exactly you are looking for. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee sets NOWHA apart from its competitors. We strongly believe in the services our technicians provide and the parts we select. If you are not satisfied with your services, you don’t have to pay until you are. Over the years, we have demonstrated quality work and established great customer service to believe in the service we provide.

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