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Professional Heating and Cooling HVAC in Lone Tree, CO

Does your heating or cooling system fail to meet your homes needs? Are you in the market for a new unit? Is there a clog or build up within the duct work? When your home experiences HVAC issues in Lone Tree, CO Now Heating and Air is your trusted HVAC company in the Denver metro area.
We offer comprehensive residential and commercial HVAC service that includes; installation, repair or maintenance. Since 1998, NOWHA brings high quality services on your home with the goal to bring the best customer service.

FREE Trip Charge

To meet costs, it is common for service companies to charge a trip fee. At NOWHA we understand that this charge gets expensive on top of the already expensive repair costs. For those who are within 25 miles of our Commerce City office location will receive a FREE trip charge. That’s right, FREE. To help keep costs low for our clients, we will waive your trip free upon service repair.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We make sure that our customers receive the service they are looking for by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the customer is not completely satisfied with the service performed we will send out another technician to correct any issues within the unit. Each technician has the experience and training to successfully perform HVAC service in Lone Tree, CO. We believe in the work they perform and the parts they use. This is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, because we provide each property with top-notch service.

Available Services

Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for service even at the most inconvenient times. We offer HVAC in Lone Tree, CO for furnaces, boilers, ductless mini-split, air conditioner, evaporative cooler, water heater, air quality, ductwork, ventilation and more.


Having your heat work in Lone Tree is crucial during the winter season. When your heating unit decides not to work or is experiencing issues, those inside will be uncomfortable. The below zero temperatures make the inside temperature drop dramatically. Call us if you need heating repair, maintenance, replacement or installation; we will be out within 24 hours for service.


Central air conditioning, evaporative cooler or ductless mini-split systems are examples of cooling units we repair, maintain, replace and install. During the warmer summer months, an air conditioner is the best way to keep cool inside. If your home does not have an air conditioning system, needs a new unit or is experiencing issues; call us immediately to schedule an appointment.

Water Heater

Having a water heater that obtains enough hot water for the entire household is essential. If the water heater is too small, you will run out of hot water whereas if it is too large, you will waste energy. Our team works with property owners to make sure their current water heat is the best options for them. We repair, maintain, replace and install all makes and models of water heaters.

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