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Your Local HVAC Service in Brighton, CO

Now Heating & Air has built a reputation as being a reliable and trustworthy company to bring HVAC service in Brighton, CO. Xcel Energy has given NOWHA an award for “Perfect Installation”. When selecting an HVAC company for repair, maintenance or installation; NOWHA will provide you with certified technicians for all services.

After launching NOWHA in 1998, we work everyday to bring the best service to the Denver metro area. Each technician has gone through training from NATE to become a certified HVAC technician. This training provides lifelike experiences for technicians to become knowledgeable on heating, cooling, ventilation, air quality and ductwork for both residential and commercial businesses.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

To make sure you know we’re serious about the service we provide all of our clients properties; we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely happy with the service your receive, you won’t have to pay until you are. After a NOWHA technician has come to the property for service and you do not think the work is up to standards; we will send out another technicians to check out your system. We will correct any issues from our previous technician so your system is running fully efficient.

FREE Trip Charge

At NOWHA we understand that when it comes to HVAC service you want to save wherever you can, because it can get costly. To accommodate for service and parts cost, we provide our customers with a FREE trip charge. Yes, a FREE trip charge! Whenever your HVAC repair, maintenance or installation is more than $100. Service must also be within 20 miles of our Commerce City location.


We offer all types of HVAC service in Brighton, CO. From commercial to residential to ductwork and furnaces; each technician will perform high quality work to your system. Since we have been in the business for over 20 years, we know how to service all makes and models of heating and cooling units. If you haven’t replaced your unit in over a decade, that’s ok. We have experience working with various units, new or old.


Whether your home uses a boiler, furnace, fireplace or ductless mini-split system, we are here for all HVAC service in Brighton, CO. When it comes to a full unit replacement or installation selecting the right unit or system can be troublesome. You don’t want a unit that will produce too much heat for the space or else you are wasting energy. But you also do not want a unit that is too small because then the home will not have enough heat. Our team at NOWHA works with each property owner when selecting a new unit to ensure it is a right fit for your home. All service workers are knowledgeable to each type of system so they can provide the most adequate service for whatever type of heating system is in your home.


Keeping cool during the summer in Colorado doesn’t always require an air conditioning system. Since the days typically tend to stay cooler our inside temperature doesn’t skyrocket. If you are looking to install an air conditioning system in your home there are many options to choose from that will benefit those living inside. Central air conditioning will distribute cool air throughout the entire house where as a ductless mini-split system is an individually installed unit that will deliver air directly to a specific room or area. Our technician are available for repair, maintenance, replacement or installation services.


Ductwork is important in homes that use one unit to heat or cool the house. If your ductwork leaks, has build up, or located in an extra hot/cool part of the home; the quality of air and efficiency can be effected. Calling an HVAC company to perform ductwork maintenance will be beneficial to your system. Overall the life of the unit can last longer and ultimately, the efficiency will be better.


Having your HVAC system go out during crucial times can be difficult when it affects not only you but others living inside. Keeping up on maintenance and repairs will ensure that your unit will operate when you need it most.


Don’t risk shutting down business, calling off employees and losing clients because your HVAC system stopped working. Call us immediately once you notice an issue with your system. We will send out a technician as soon as possible to get the system fully functional for your business.

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