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NOWHA provides HVAC service in Englewood, CO.

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Quality HVAC Service in Englewood is a Call Away

Colorado weather is always unpredictable, it can be sunny and warm one moment then the next it will be cloudy and snowy. Get quality HVAC service in Englewood, CO from Now Heating & Air. In Englewood, CO make sure that your HVAC system is ready for whatever weather conditions mother nature brings. Dealing with heating, cooling or air quality issues inside your home is something that can cause homeowners to become stressful. Our team at NOWHA works with you to provide the best quality work in the Denver metro area.

We are a reputable company that focuses on the customer and meeting their needs as best as possible. There are many components to an HVAC system that it gets overwhelming. NOWHA technicians will walk the homeowner step by step through the process to ensure they know what exactly is going on with their homes system. Since an HVAC system are the lungs of a home, choose a company for HVAC service in Englewood, CO with passionate technicians that have licensing and training.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

For all customers we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on HVAC service in Englewood, CO. If you are not completely satisfied with the service our technicians have performed we will come out to conduct service again. We trust our technicians, their work and the parts they select. If the system does not produce conditioned air adequately, we will take the steps to correct the problem.

NOWHA also believes in the customer being 100% satisfied or you don’t pay. As the homeowner, if you do not believe the service you receive is up to standards, you don’t pay until it is done to satisfaction. Our technicians are certified to perform above quality service to all properties that receive HVAC service in Englewood, CO.

Available Service

Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the Denver metro area. Once you have called NOWHA for service, we guarantee to be at your property within 24 hours. As an HVAC repair company, we know how important it is to get your system back running in a timely manner. Service will be prompt, quality and professional. If you are looking for HVAC service in Englewood, CO, call NOWHA immediately.


Heating is crucial in Colorado. Our harsh winters with snowy months can have a hard impact on our home’s HVAC system if not properly cared for. Get service annually, by NOWHA, on your furnace or other heating unit to make sure everything is in working condition for the busy season ahead. Ensuring your system is maintained will prolong the life of the unit and its efficiency. If your heating unit completely goes out and you need a new unit, NOWHA also performs installations and replacements.


For all air conditioning needs, NOWHA’s technicians are knowledgeable on how to maintain, repair, replace and install units. Maintenance plans are available for homes looking to always stay on schedule with their unit; contractor recommendation. Even with maintenance a repair or replacement might be in order. If this is the case our service technicians will be at your home for service within 24 hours.

Indoor Air Quality

When your home has poor indoor air quality, those living inside are at risk along with your home. Whether your humidity levels are off, there’s a lack of ventilation or an air purifier is required; NOWHA will help you to diagnose the problem and correct the quality of air to meet a healthy atmosphere. If someone in your home suffers from allergies it is especially important that the indoor air quality is healthy.

Water Heater

From repairs to install and replacements, NOWHA will provide your water heater system service. It is important to keep your water heater maintained and in good shape, particularly if a tank unit, this will prevent buildup or rusting. Ultimately, your system will have a longer lifespan if taken care of properly over the years. As water stays in a tank water heater, there are steps that one takes to maintain safe, healthy water. Call us today if you are in need of a new system. We will work with you to find what type of system is right for you and your home.

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