Residential and Commercial HVAC Service in Federal Heights

Get top-notch HVAC service in Federal Heights, CO.

Residential and Commercial HVAC Service in Federal Heights, CO

Now Heating & Air is a leading provider of HVAC service in Federal Heights, CO. Since 1998, we bring quality service to the Denver metro area. Our wide range of services allow us to provide service to residential and commercial properties. If you are looking for maintenance on your system, your ignition is not working or it seems your unit has completely failed; call NOWHA for service within 24 hours.

Summers are not typically scorching hot therefore it is easier to keep cool while inside. Although when your air conditioner does go out in the middle of a day when it’s over 100 degrees fahrenheit; you want to make sure your system will work efficiently. Even in emergency situations our service technicians are available for HVAC service in Federal Heights 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your unit needs more work than just a repair or maintenance, we provide replacement and installations as well. Our team works with each property owner to go over different units and system will work best for their homes.

Heating in Colorado is extremely important. Enduring a winter without heat is just unrealistic. Your utility bills can skyrocket and heating the home is inefficient. Making sure your furnace, ductless mini-split system or boiler is fully functional for the winter months will be beneficial overall. Our technicians offer residential and commercial HVAC service in Federal Heights, CO. We perform air filter changes, ignition problems, improper venting, thermostat malfunction and more. We will also work with the property owner to select the best heating unit for their homes needs.

Why Hire Now Heating & Air?

Your HVAC system is constantly running to provide your home with a comfortable living environment. A system that is frequently running should have a high-quality company to maintain or provide HVAC service in Federal Heights, CO. Not only do our customers receive the best quality service in Denver but Xcel has recognized our hard work. Xcel has recently awarded NOWHA with “Perfect Installation”. We have been servicing properties throughout the Denver metro area for 20 years. Before that we conducted home appliance sales, service and repair. Our services are top-notch because our technicians experience and skillset provides them with the knowledge to get the job done right.

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