Residential and Commercial HVAC Service in Frederick, CO

NOWHA provides HVAC service in Frederick, CO.

Who is Now Heating and Air?

Since 1989, Now Heating and Air provides incomparable heating, cooling, ventilation and other HVAC services in Frederick, CO. No matter the client or difficulty of job, the service your home receives the same quality service on all projects. Our field technicians have years of experience as well as training. This means that whether you have a new or an old unit, NOWHA is able to successfully provide your home HVAC service in Frederick, CO.

Before we became NOWHA, our team worked as home appliance sales, service and repair. After seeing a rise in demand for indoor comfort and many customers asking for furnace and air conditioning, we turned our focus to indoor home comfort. As NOWHA, the company kept the same values, work ethic and professionalism. We work hard to provide all clients the service they deserve. To show this, we have service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What to Look For in an HVAC Company

Choosing the right company for HVAC service in Frederick, CO can be overwhelming. With a wide variety of companies to choose from, it can be difficult to decipher who will perform the best service to your home. Here are a few tips when looking for a trustworthy HVAC company.

  • Are they certified? Although HVAC certification is not always required in some states, ensuring the HVAC company you choose is certified makes sure they have HVAC training.
  • Is there a good reputation? Doing some extra research will be your friend when selecting a company. The internet has sources which will allow you to see reviews and testimonials about what others think about the company and service. Although customers will have various thoughts about the work, this is something good to factor into choosing an HVAC professional.
  • Inspects home then cost estimate. Without looking at your system or unit an HVAC technician can not properly diagnose the problem. Make sure that the professional company you choose inspects your house first then provides an cost estimate. Additional problems may need repair or service once the technician looks at the unit.
  • Be careful of the lowest bid. When it comes to saving money on HVAC service, property owners will look anywhere. This can get you into trouble. A low bid can come with low quality service which will be even worse for your system in the long run. Choose an HVAC professional based on qualifications and experience, not price. A quality HVAC company will not be the least expensive option.


NOWHA provides residential and commercial properties with the top-notch HVAC service in Frederick, CO. No matter what you are looking for, our certified technicians will perform quality service on all systems. If your unit is 20 years old or just newly installed, each field technician has experience and knowledge on all makes and models.


Whether your home utilizes a boiler, furnace or ductless mini-split system; we provide repair, maintenance and repair or installation service.


Not as many homes depend on air conditioning in Colorado, but for those days that reach record temperatures you’ll want your home to be cool when inside.

Air Quality

When your HVAC system is running with windows and doors shut, it is essential the indoor air quality is good. Your home and the people living inside can get sick with unhealthy living conditions.

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