HVAC Service in Parker, CO; HVAC Repair to Unit Installation

NOWHA provides HVAC service to Parker, CO.

Servicing the Following Zip Codes:  80108, 80134, 80138

Certified Technicians for Any HVAC Service, Repair or Replacement, Install

Now Heating and Air provides a wide variety of home HVAC needs in Parker, CO. When your system needs HVAC service in Parker, CO; NOWHA is a high performance company for all residential or commercial properties. Within 24 hours of your call we will have a technician out to service your home. This includes; maintenance to heating or cooling units, water heaters, indoor air quality, fireplaces and more.

If the inside of your home is not keeping the correct temperature, there is too much humidity, someone suffers from allergies or your water is not hot; call an HVAC professional for service immediately. It is not advised to go without service for long if a problem occurs. This will decrease the risk of additional problems coming about within the system. If your homes HVAC system continues to operate while there’s a repair in order more damage will occur.

Service Technicians with Certification and Knowledge

When service is conducted by NOWHA your property will get only the highest quality service with certified technicians. All field technicians have gone through the right training from NATE to become a licensed HVAC technician.

With over 25 year of experience in HVAC service, repair, installation and replacement our technicians are knowledgeable to diagnose a problem and provide the best solution for the property. The various types of systems, units and their benefits make it confusing for the homeowner to select what will be most efficient system. Our technicians always work with the property owner to ensure they are getting the most out of their repair, service or installation.


NOWHA is a full HVAC service company in Parker, CO that provides high quality service for your home or business. We make any type of service to your HVAC system. From simple service like an air filter change or a check on indoor air quality; our service technicians will provide your property with the best quality in the area. The service performed on your home is always done to the same standard. Each technician at NOWHA has the same goal to bring quality and consistent service to each resident.


You will most likely be calling your local HVAC company when your system is no longer working and a repair is in order. Repairs are the most common form of service that homeowners look for. With all the components it takes for the system to run, minor or even major problems happen. When something does go wrong with the system, call immediately to schedule repair service. The sooner the issue is fixed, the better for the system.


Maintenance is extremely important for your homes system and the life of the system. When a professional technician provides maintenance to your home on a consistent basis, the system will run and operate more smoothly. We offer plans that will provide maintenance service to your system for both the furnace and air conditioner. Maintenance on these systems will ensure the system is fully efficient for the busy seasons ahead.


The right system makes a huge difference on your home. With all of the options on the market for heating, cooling, and water heating systems, it can be difficult to choose what will work best for your home. How large the home is and how many people live inside will have a good indication on what type of system you need. Our technicians will work with the homeowners to pick the best system for their needs.


Getting rid of an old system can be a change homeowners are not looking for. After 15 to 20 years, your furnace or air conditioning unit will begin to deteriorate. As technology progresses new systems and accessories are in the making for better energy efficiency. Even though a replacement is a sudden cost, new and updated equipment is beneficial to the home and its system.

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