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Superior, CO was originally known for the large amounts of coal mining in the town. In the late 1800s the mining was a major part of Superiors lifestyle, until the mine closed in the mid 1900s. Once everyone moved out, the population stayed around 200 people. Over the past few decades, residential communities are in development. Almost 3000 single-family homes and nearly 2000 multi-family homes were built in 2006 according to the Town of Superior. With this many new homes in the Superior area, each has an HVAC system that will need attention and care while living there.

No matter what type of service your HVAC system needs, Now Heating & Air provides quality HVAC service in Superior, CO. Call us today to schedule an appointment if components of your HVAC system is not working correctly. As the system runs on a constant basis throughout the day and night, the units will run down. It is common for problems to occur where repairs, maintenance, installation or replacements are needed.

NOWHA Performs the Following Service

Our technicians at NOWHA all have the necessary training and licensing to perform residential and commercial HVAC service in Superior, CO. If your system is not producing the right amount of heating or cooling, the air quality is poor or weird noises are coming from the unit; schedule HVAC service to keep your system running the way it should through the busy season.

HVAC service in Superior, CO can consist of maintenance, repairs or installation and replacements. Our technicians will come into your home and diagnose the problem with steps on how to resolve. Specific services can vary in the amount of time it will take and the cost. As service can be expensive, we offer a FREE service charge when we provide a repair or service on a home’s system.


Whether you are heating your home or heating the water for a shower, it is important to your home and those living inside that your heating system and unit is working to its full potential. During the cold, winter Colorado months the indoor temperature of your home will drop dramatically without a heat source heating the inside. A traditional furnace is one type of system in homes but both boilers and ductless mini-split systems are other great heating options for your home.


After spending time outside in the heat, you’re going to want to be able to go inside to cool off. Being in your home should be comfortable so your HVAC system should provide the temperatures you are looking for. Keeping on top of maintenance and service is a great way to extend the life of your cooling unit as well as its efficiency. When the outside temperatures rise and the sun beats directly down on your house, make sure that your cooling system is up to par to bring cool air inside.

Air Quality

As your homes heating and cooling system conditions the air inside the home; windows, door and any cracks are sealed to keep the air inside. But as the system circulates the air throughout the house, your indoor air quality can begin to decrease. Old contaminated air is trapped inside without any fresh air getting in to replace the polluted air. Inside air that has chemicals, toxin and are unhealthy for residents will impact the home and those living inside.
Call a professional HVAC technician to get your indoor air quality healthy.

Contributions to Poor Indoor Air Quality
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Smoke
  • Hair spray
  • Perfume
  • Candles
  • Paint chemicals
  • Dust
  • Mold or mildew

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