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NOWHA provides Louisville, CO HVAC service 24 hours a day.

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We Provide Louisville, CO HVAC Service

Now Heating & Air brings quality HVAC service to the town of Louisville, CO. From residential to commercial; our technicians service every type of HVAC system. No matter the how old or new the model of the unit, our Louisville, CO HVAC service technicians will provide your property and system with the service you are looking for. Each technician has the training and certification through NATE to properly take care of HVAC systems.

Our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service provides each property with the ability to get service in a timely matter. When your system goes out during the extreme heat or freezing cold the last thing you want from a company is to have to wait to get the issue fixed. Contact NOWHA immediately about your issue and we will have a technician out to your property within 24 hours. It is important to us that you as the property owner, are able to provide adequate conditions for those inside.

Services Offered

We provide Louisville, CO HVAC service for all residential and commercial properties. Schedule an appointment today to have your system looked at by a certified technician. If you are looking for service on your heating, cooling, water heater, air quality, duct cleaning or piping; NOWHA will service all components of a system.


For both residential and commercial properties, we offer maintenance plans to keep your system up to date on all service. Making sure your system is serviced twice a year is important to the life of the system and how well it operates. Schedule a maintenance check during the end of summer, beginning of fall for your heating unit. This will prep the system for its heavy use during the winter season. Maintenance for all cooling systems should be complete in the spring season. This will avoid any time there is a busy upswing in demand. Once summer hits and everyone realizes there is something wrong with their cooling system; HVAC companies will be in high demand resulting in higher service and supply costs.

Prevent your home or business from losing an important component of your heating or cooling system; keep up on regular maintenance. Technicians will go through a checklist that goes over each component of your HVAC system. This ensures that all parts are working the way they should; nothing is rusting, no gas leaks, no weird noises or buildup within the system.


With over 100 years of combined HVAC service, you can trust that NOWHA will provide you with the best quality of work every time. Your heating and cooling system run constantly, along with the water heater. Since these units run on a regular basis, components might run down faster than others. Getting repairs on these parts immediately are essential to the system. When the system continues to run and there is an issue with another part, the unit can degrade faster. In comparison to an installation or replacement, a repair is cost efficient. Now, not every time will a simple repair be the case sometimes more complicated repairs might need to be done. Whatever the case may be, taking care of a faulty part of the unit is the most beneficial.

Diagnosing an issue in the system can be difficult. There are many components of the unit that could contribute to what is developing the problem. Calling a certified HVAC professional is the most efficient way to get your HVAC system the repair it needs.

Installation or Replacement

It is a common situation that a full unit replacement is an emergency situation. This is a time where many customers have said companies will charge them more than necessary. We understand that replacing and installing a new unit can be a costly expense property owners aren’t looking to spend. NOWHA will make sure to not take advantage of the situation. We will charge what is appropriate for the work we provide. A new unit cannot be replaced in a matter of minutes, therefore the costs are higher. First one will have to decide what type of system they are interested in getting installed. Technicians will go over what the best type of system is for your property and the benefits of why select that unit.

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