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Improve Your Home with Furnace Service in Denver, CO

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Whether your furnace is old or new, gas or oil NOW Heating and Air’s technicians are qualified to service or repair them all. We provide installation and inspection service no matter who or where you purchased your furnace and other systems from. We make sure our technicians stay on top of all the latest service, repair and inspection techniques in the heating and air industry.

Furnace Cleaning

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When summer switches into colder fall weather, you decide to switch on your furnace after months of disuse. But your heart sinks when you hear feeble noises and the smell of dust burning. If your furnace hasn’t been cleaned recently, it may cause you problems when winter rolls around.

Instead of paying for repairs after problems develop and worsen, choose preventative care. Now Heating & Air provides regular maintenance plans to keep your furnace in top shape.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

When you opt for biannual inspections, you’ll have a functioning furnace year-round. Regular cleanings improve the state for your furnace, and they benefit you, too. Through regular heating system service in Denver, CO, you can:

  • Save money from saved energy
  • Obtain convenient and reliable home heating
  • Prevent future breakdowns
  • Prolong the lifespan of your furnace

Who would say no to the benefits above? Any long-time homeowner knows that regular maintenance always pays off in the end.

Comprehensive Furnace Services

Our technicians check your furnace from top to bottom with each inspection. This complete and comprehensive inspection may include:

  • Clean furnace or boiler
  • Check blower motor and lube
  • Check for Carbon Monoxide
  • Check furnace filters
  • Check chimney base
  • Check furnace wiring
  • Check safety devices
  • Check gas pressure
  • Adjust and check pilots
  • Check for combustion air
  • Check heat anticipators
  • Test ignition
  • Check Thermocouple
  • Check hot water tank
  • Check thermostat contacts
  • Check sequence of operations
  • Clean burners
  • Check gas valve operation
  • Check limit control
  • Test for gas leaks around flex line
  • Adjust burners
  • Check humidifier
  • Inspect combustion chamber
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check fan belts
  • Inspect heat exchanger for leaks
  • Check blower wheel
  • Check motors and oil if necessary
  • Check amperage draw
  • Check any/all accessories
  • Basic wipe down of upper boiler
  • Check and secure all panels
  • Check thermostat and calibrate if needed

After assessing these details, your technician can proceed with a successful repair or replacement. Our technicians read up on the latest techniques to keep in touch with the industry and best practices for your furnace.

Preventative Maintenance & Your Furnace Warranty Coverage

Regardless of make and model of your equipment, nearly all furnace and air conditioner manufacturers require that their systems be cleaned yearly in order to maintain warranty coverage. They realize how a lack of proper furnace maintenance over the years can damage the critical components within the units. This is why manufactures usually include a limited maintenance requirement within their warranties, and failure to complete the cleanings regularly will result in a loss of coverage from the manufacturer.

Don’t let your warranty go to waste! A small investment in a regular “tune and check” with Now Heating and Air can protect your warranty and your financial piece of mind, plus with our discount coupons, you could save even more! We expertly service all makes and models, so take advantage of the online coupon and call Now Heating and Air to schedule your furnace tune-up NOW! We also have the Carefree Comfort Membership; let us take the worry out of scheduling annual appointments twice a year to help maintain efficient equipment.

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