NOW Heating and Air, LLC has existed as it is since 1998, prior to 1998 and from 1989 NOW Heating and Air was known as “A Appliance.” “A Appliance” did business as a home appliance sales, service and repair company.

As home appliances became less expensive, more cost effective, and requiring less maintenance not to mention the advent of extended warranties “A Appliance“began branching into the indoor comfort industry.

Often “A Appliance” would get calls from family, friends of family, friends, friends of friends to come and take a look at their furnaces or air conditioners. Much of this work was done after hours and at cost, but definitely in a more timely manner than was being provided by the heating and air conditioning repair companies at the time.

Many of these customers complimented “A Appliance” for their more immediate response, their genuine concern and their work ethic. Many observed that the service technicians were not just concerned with getting the system back up and running, they really worked hard to make sure it was done right, that nothing was lacking, that the system was up and running and that it would continue to operate and operate well long after they were gone.

And, since many of ‘A Appliance’s‘ product manufacturers were also involved in indoor comfort, ‘A Appliance‘ could order and install new systems at a fraction of the cost of other heating and air conditioning service and repair companies.

As time went by and as the home appliance business was waning everyone at ‘A Appliance‘; was noticing that they were doing more and more heating and air conditioning sales, installation, service and repair. That more and more of their new customer calls were for heating and air. Their new customers were getting their number from their friends and even asked how did ‘A Appliance‘ get into the heating and air business, the name just didn’t seem to fit.

Thus, NOW Heating and Air, LLC was born and as NOW Heating and Air our company is not only thriving but is the same industry leader it was as ‘A Appliance.’ The customer is important to us, we’re on call 24/7/365. Our service technicians continue to deliver the same genuine concern and need to do the job right. ‘It’s done right or you don’t pay,’ isn’t just our motto, it’s our only way of doing business.

Our Core Work Values

  • Work is done right or you don’t pay.
  • We’re there as soon as safely possible.
  • Your home should be the most comfortable place on Earth.
  • We strive to do business honestly, ethically and fairly.
  • Attention to detail is key in everything we do.
  • We’ll make your experience with us as pleasing, satisfying and enjoyable as possible.
  • Constant, consistent and accurate technical training is essential in making sure the job is done right.

Our Community Values

  • When our commnunity needs us we are available.
  • The community is our work location and should always be treated with respect.
  • We are responsible to our community and therefore will conduct ourselves honestly and ethically at all times.
  • Where possible we contribute to the betterment of our community’s youth.
  • When possible our staff and service technicians involve themselves in community improvement projects.
  • Family is important and our individual families are no less important than our community.

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If you are not 100% satisfied at time of service, simply ask the technician to remove our parts and you owe us nothing. This does not apply to previous services rendered or products installed.

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