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Electrical Upgrades & EV Charging

Here’s a great way to save money on EV Charging at home. Electric vehicles are becoming more popular than ever, and they’re a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. But if you own an electric vehicle, then you know that charging up can take quite a while. That’s why installing a home EV charger is such a great idea—it’ll help you get back on the road faster and save you time in the long run. And with the EV Charging Home Wiring Rebate, you can get up to $1,000 toward installing an Energy Star Certified Level 2 EV Charger or a home Tesla charger. Here’s how it works.

The EV Charging Home Wiring Rebate offers up to $1,000 toward installing an Energy Star Certified Level 2 EV charger or Tesla charger at your home. To qualify for this rebate, you must use any licensed electrician registered with the Climate Action Rebate program. They will be able to install your equipment and make sure everything is installed correctly so that you can safely charge your electric car.

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EV Charger Installation Rebates

If you’re interested in renting an EV charger from Xcel and using our rebate to cover installation and wiring costs, then you can sign up for Xcel’s EV Accelerate at Home program. This program is designed specifically for renters who want to enjoy all of the benefits of owning an electric car without having to pay for permanent installation costs.

Income-qualified residents are eligible for incentives of up to 100% of installed project costs after taking advantage of Xcel’s rebates—so even those on tight budgets can take advantage of this offer!

Installing an EV charger at home is a great way to speed up charging times and save money in the long run. With the EV Charging Home Wiring Rebate Program from Xcel Energy, qualified residents can receive up to $1,000 towards installation costs—and income-qualified residents may even be eligible for incentives of up 100% of project costs after taking advantage of Xcel’s rebates! So don’t wait—take advantage of this offer today and start saving money on charging your electric vehicle!

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About the Denver Rebate Program

Xcel Energy offers up-front rebates for all-electric, energy-efficient equipment – up to 80% of your contractor’s project cost or the listed incentive amounts could be discounted from their bill! Plus, residents that meet certain income requirements may even receive full coverage after taking advantage of Xcel Energy’s rebate program. Read on to learn more about what other eligible installations are available today!

Xcel Energy’s rebate program offers incentives for a variety of energy-efficient projects and products including all-electric heating systems, water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, and more. These installations can help you save money on your monthly bills while reducing your carbon footprint – something we can all get behind! To apply for a rebate through Xcel Energy’s program simply contact an approved contractor who will submit the application on your behalf. If you meet the income requirements you could receive full coverage of the project cost – no out-of-pocket expenses required!

To stay up to date on the most relevant information, read more about the Denver Home Rebate Program.

So if you’re looking for ways to make living in Denver a little easier on your wallet then be sure to check out what other eligible installations are available today!

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