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A homeowner’s worst nightmare is when it’s ninety plus degrees outside and your home experiences air conditioning problems. Sometimes it can be an easy fix like making sure the furnace is on or the filter might need to be checked. On the other hand, more complicated issues might arise like rewiring the system or even getting a whole new unit. Before calling your local HVAC company below are a few steps to take to help solve what the issues are.

Steps to Take Before You Call a Serviceman

Set to Cool

Make sure your thermostat is set to the “cool” option and the target temperature is lower than the inside temperature. If set on “auto” the system will turn on only when triggered that it’s hotter inside than supposed to be. You may need to adjust the target temperature accordingly if your system is not working properly.

Check Circuit Breaker

The breaker for your air conditioning should be in the on position just like the other functioning breakers. Find the electric circuit to make sure it hasn’t tripped. A tripped breaker will prevent the system to turn on. If you reset it and immediately trips again, do not attempt again. The issue might be a short or grounded circuit.

Furnace Switch Turned On

Make sure the furnace switch is “on”. It is common for the switch to get turned off in between the hot and cold seasons.

Check the Filter

A dirty filter of excess dirt and dust can cause air flow issues to occur. This can lead to more serious problems like the evaporation coil to ice up or the low pressure switch to trip. Make sure you have a clean filter and change on a regular schedule.

  • Find the filter to your air conditioning system
  • Check the filter
  • If dirty, change the filter according to your household needs

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