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Smashing 4 Myths About Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are becoming more and more popular in Colorado, largely because of their versatility and efficiency. Many people know that they’re eco-friendly, but there is also a lot of myths surrounding this product, and how the pumps work.

NOW Heating & Air is committed to clearing the air on anything confusing around heating and cooling your home, because your comfort isn’t something you should be stressed out about. Here are four common myths about heat pumps, and the truth behind them:

Myth 1: Heat Pumps Don’t Work When It’s Cold

Unless we’re talking about extremely cold climates – such as consistent, long stretches well below -10 degrees Fahrenheit – heat pumps can work well in cold weather. As long as it is the proper heat pump for the space in question, there is little to worry about. Getting the right sized heat pump installed correctly by experts can go a long way in alleviating these concerns. The right-sized heat pump can heat virtually any space indoors, and work well even in cold temperatures.

Myth 2: Heat Pumps Don’t Cool My House

Heat pumps can both cool and heat your space, allowing you to use the same system year round. Heat pumps run on coolant that runs throughout the system, and moving warm air in or out of your specific space. Heat pumps have a reversing valve, which allows the operator to change the flow of how that coolant is pushed through the system. Utilizing that valve allows you to determine if the warm air gets pumped through your house, or outside to be replaced with cool air.

Myth 3: I’ve Got to Leave My Heat Pump Running

Heat pumps work at peak efficiency when keeping a consistent temperature, moving on and off as necessary. The pump is cycling heat from outside and moving it into your home, and won’t run when your home is at the desired temperature. They are designed to run consistently to deliver as much inexpensive hot air as possible. Of course, the heat pump will run more often in colder temperatures to deliver more heat. By leaving it at a constant setting, and then not fiddling with it, heat pump owners can get more consistent comfort, and save money in the long run.

Myth 4: Heat Pumps Are Too Expensive

Depending on the space you need the heat pump for, buying and installing a heat pump can put a strain on the pocket book in the beginning. However, heat pumps are a long-term solution. The upfront cost can be pegged down quickly by the savings from the diminished energy use. These systems use less energy because they don’t produce heat, instead relying on moving the air around your space. There are also a number of rebates available for certain systems, meaning things might be even less expensive than you thought.

If you’re considering installing a heat pump in Denver, contact the experts at NOW Heating & Air. They’ll answer your questions and can even tell you if it’s the right thing for you. For more information on heat pumps, and whether or not they’d be a right fit for your home or business, contact NOW Heating & Air today.