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One commercial HVAC contractor is not necessarily the same as the next one. It’s important to understand that almost every commercial building requires the assistance of a reliable commercial HVAC system repair company at some point in time. Finding a good match for your building’s unique needs is essential. As the manager or owner of a commercial building, it’s a good idea to build a professional relationship with a reputable and reliable commercial building HVAC company.

A good commercial HVAC contractor is not necessarily hard to find. But it does require a bit of work. Calling the commercial HVAC contractor that offers the absolutely lowest price is not necessarily the way to go. While you might pay less for a maintenance appointment or a one-time service call, that company might not be reliable or dependable in the long run.

Here Are Tips on How to Find and Select a Commercial HVAC Contractor:

The internet. It’s not necessarily advisable to find a commercial HVAC contractor on the internet without reading reviews of the company. A reputable commercial HVAC company can be discovered by conducting an internet search. Make sure to carefully read online reviews, check the company’s complaint history with the Better Business Bureau, and search for any negative information on the internet before calling the company to schedule an appointment.

Ask for a referral. If you work in the building management industry, you probably know other people who also work in this profession. Ask your colleagues for a recommendation. World of mouth referrals are often the most reliable and useful.

Inquire with the HVAC company you typically use for residential HVAC services. If you have ever called for residential HVAC services and you liked the company that helped you, give that company a call. It’s possible that the company offers commercial HVAC services as well as residential services. If it doesn’t, the company might be able to provide you with an excellent recommendation.

Once you’ve narrowed down your commercial HVAC contractor choices to one or two, it’s important to verify that the contractor is licensed, bonded and has insurance.

Other Considerations When Hiring a Commercial Building HVAC Contractor:

The details of the work contract. When you hire a commercial HVAC system contractor, it’s a good idea to get a description of the work in writing. Also, make sure the contractor puts the cost of the work in writing as well as the anticipated completion date for the work.

Is the HVAC contractor available to handle emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? When your commercial building must have a functioning HVAC system every day of the year, it’s important that an HVAC contractor is on-call in case of an emergency.

Does the contractor offer a maintenance plan (and what does it include)? It’s a good idea to consider a maintenance plan if the price is reasonable. A maintenance plan may include seasonal tune-ups and equipment checks – which are both essential to the upkeep of your commercial building’s HVAC system.

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