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As the air starts to become more and more dry this winter make sure that your home is getting enough moisture and regulate indoor humidity. It doesn’t matter what time kind of climate you live in, indoor humidity is important to every home. Humidity levels can have negative effects on the heating and cooling systems as well as create discomfort inside your home.

Indoor humidity should be a priority in any household. To ensure your HVAC systems are working correctly and efficiently, humidity levels must be maintained. As the cold weather starts to approach ensure you have proper humidity control. The cooler weather brings low humidity resulting in dry air. It is recommended to keep your humidity levels at 40 to 50 percent, during the winter keep it on the lower end to prevents extra moisture like condensation.

Health Benefits

When humidity is at the correct levels your health will be in better condition. Too much humidity or too little humidity will cause problems to your health. Extra moisture can contain bacteria which will increase the residents risk at illness. Lack of moisture will try out your nose, throat and skin causing discomfort.

  • Improves breathing
  • Clears sinuses
  • Reduces risk of infection
  • Keep nasal passages moist
  • Softer, moist skin
  • Improve sleep
  • Relief sore throat

Increase humidity

There are various ways to increase humidity in your home below are a few.

  • Humidifier. During the cold weather days when there is dry air run a humidifier in your home to increase the amount of humidity. This will help to solve some health problems and dry irritated skin.
  • Add moisture. In one article a homeowner used a spray bottle of water to spray on the carpet. This will add moisture to the air for brief periods of time. Of course don’t over-do it where mold will be produced.