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The placement of your thermostat can help to save money on your utility bills. Proper thermostat placement will allow for your heating and cooling systems to run energy efficiently. When you place your thermostat avoid areas of extreme temperature. It’s main function is to regulate the indoor temperature of your home for comfortability.

Wrong Thermostat Placement


If your thermostat is placed near a door or window it will let a draft in which will cause the thermostat to detect a different temperature than the actual indoor temperature. If your thermostat is placed by the exterior door it opens and closes constantly. The thermostat will pick up on the outside temperature that is coming inside the home.

Direct Sunlight

Putting your thermostat in direct sunlight is a leading cause of false thermostat readings. The thermostat judges the temperature of the room to determine if the air conditioning or heating systems need to kick on. If the thermostat is in direct sunlight then it will register the temperature hotter than it actually is and the air conditioner will run longer to cool the house. In the winter if the thermostat is in the direct sunlight then the heater might not kick on when it’s supposed to.

Bathroom Door

Avoid placing your thermostat near the bathroom door. After a resident takes a shower the room full of hot steam can settle around the thermostat causing inaccurate temperature readings.

Above Air Vents

The job of your thermostat is to accurately detect the indoor temperature of your home. If it is placed above or near air vents then the temperature reading can be inaccurate. The hot/cool air coming directly from the vents will first hit the thermostat suggesting the indoor temperature is hotter or colder than what it actually is.

Near Kitchen

The kitchen is a major heat source in any home. With all the appliances that are constantly plugged in and the stove/oven, excess heat is always being put off. When the thermostat is placed near the kitchen it can malfunction because the temperature fluctuates constantly when the kitchen is in or out of use.

Low Traffic Area

A homeowner might think to place their thermostat in a hallway where there is no direct sunlight, access to extreme temperatures and out of the way of all vents. But if the thermostat is placed in an area with low traffic the temperature indoors won’t regulate the temperature where most of the time is spent inside your home.

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