HVAC Services in Centennial, CO

NOWHA provides HVAC services in Commerce City, CO.

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Living in Centennial, CO there are four seasons that bring a wide variety of weather conditions. From freezing cold temperatures, below zero, to the summer heat of 90 degrees fahrenheit, your HVAC system has to be maintained and prepared for any type of weather that blows through Centennial, CO.

HVAC Services in Centennial, CO

Air Conditioning

At NOWHA, all technicians has training and certification to diagnose and repair problems on various models of home air conditioning systems. Routine maintenance and checkup will allow for your system to increase efficiency and last for longer periods of time. Problems found and taken care of immediately let the system work the way it should without problems. The domino effect won’t have an opportunity to take place, causing one problem to escalate into multiple problems.

A/C Services

  • Routine service
  • Repairs
  • Whole system installation or replacement


We offer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for HVAC services in Centennial. Each technician holds the right license and certification to provide the highest standards on home heating service. From old heating systems to newer, smart technology systems; NOWHA has experience and knowledgeable on heating system alike. Each home is different, two houses with heating issues are typically not going to be the same. It is important to our company that every technician is given the proper skills and knowledge to perform any heating issue that comes a homeowners way.

Heating Services

  • Maintenance service
  • Service repairs
  • Furnace installation or replacement

Water Heaters

Just like your air conditioning unit and furnace, the water heating in your home is working hard everyday to provide ample amounts of warm water, when needed, throughout the home. Often times the water heater is in a room of the house that commonly goes unnoticed. Although your water heater might be forgotten about, it is important to have professional HVAC services in Centennial to check out your tank or tankless water heater.

Water Heater Systems

  • Tank
  • Tankless

Air Ducts

Dust is something unavoidable in anyone’s home, no matter how often you dust and clean, dust will still have a presence. Clean air ducts will help to eliminate extra dust and buildup that does not need to be within the house. Since the air ducts carry the conditioned air throughout the home, it is important that there are no extra polluted particles or dust in the duct work that will get blown into the home. Air duct cleaning is a professional job that needs special equipment. NOWHA uses the largest air duct cleaning system to ensure all ducts are getting the necessary cleaning.

NOWHA Air Duct Cleaning Steps

  • Pre-cleaning Inspection
  • Vent Cleaning
  • Pre-cleaning
  • Return Side Duct Cleaning
  • Clean Supply Ducts
  • Main Truck Cleaning
  • Deodorizing/Sanitizing


Centennial, CO is dry, especially during the winter season. A humidifier works to put moisture back into the air for the benefit of the home and residents inside. NOWHA is a great go-to source for humidifier installation, the job will be done right the first time.

Humidifier benefits

  • Prevent dry skin
  • Treat cold, flu
  • Help reduce allergies
  • Ease asthma
  • Prevent cracking furniture

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