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HVAC Repair, Maintenance, Replacement and Installation

Now Heating & Air provides residential and commercial properties with HVAC service in Golden, CO. If your home needs a repair, maintenance, replacement or installation; our trained technicians have the knowledge and training to provide quality HVAC service in Golden. Since 1998 NOWHA has been a reliable HVAC company the Denver-metro area can rely on at the most crucial times. We highly recommend that you schedule service before the busy HVAC season so you can use your system at all times.

As a company, we understand the importance of keeping the inside temperature comfortable for those inside. After you call, we will have a service technician out to you within 24 hours. Our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service allows us to provide our customers with service when you need it most.


Our technicians offer quality service on all components of your HVAC system. From your heating unit repairs to ventilation, electrical and maintenance programs; call NOWHA for HVAC service in Golden. When you call NOWHA for service expect the highest quality each visit. We trust and believe in the work our technicians do so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely happy with the work that our technicians perform on your system, we will come out to ensure the work is above standards.


We offer a variety of different services for your homes heating system. Fireplaces, boilers, ductless mini-split systems or furnaces; each technician has the right training to maintain and operate your heating units. If you need an HVAC repair in Golden, call us to schedule an appointment for service immediately. Taking care of a repair when you first notice it is essential to the lifespan your system. This will ensure the unit does not run on a broken part. If you are in need of a full unit replacement with installation, we will work with you to select the best system for your needs. It has been about 15 years since the last time you had a new unit installed, needs or technology might have changed. A newer system can be more energy efficient with better overall optimization.


Before providing HVAC service as NOWHA, our team conducted home appliance sales, service and repairs. Years of experience in HVAC systems allows us to provide our customers with the best cooling service in the area. Not only do our customers see the quality work but Xcel has awarded NOWHA for “Best Installation”. Whether your home uses a cooling system to cool the whole house or just a specific area, our technicians have training on all makes and models of cooling units. Although in Colorado homes are not as dependant on air conditioning, it is important to keep up on the maintenance. On those days where it reaches above 90 degrees, your air conditioning unit will be ready to cool your home. When your home needs to upgrade their current unit, our technicians have the knowledge to recommend an energy efficient unit for your homes needs.

Water Heater

Although the water heater is “out of mind”, when it’s not producing the hot water you are looking for, you will notice. Keeping up on regular maintenance on your water heater is extremely important because of potential buildup. The water heater is one of the highest energy consumers. It is important that your water heater is providing your home with the most energy efficient unit. Based on how many people live inside and where the water heater is located will have an influence on the type of water heater recommended. Below are two types of water heaters.

  • Tank. A water heater with a tank is the most common water heater inside a home. Based on your hot water need will determine what size tank to use. An average household will need a 50 gallon to 80 gallon water heater to sufficiently produce enough hot water for the entire household. Inside the tank the water will be stored at the target temperature. When the water turns on, it travels through the pipes out the faucet. A tank water heater will be large enough where you will want to hide it away in the utility closet.
  • Tankless. A tankless water heater does not store any water inside. Instead it offers an on demand option where the water is heated as it is needed. Once the hot water spigot opens, the gas-fired burner will turn on to heat the cold water as it travels through. Some benefits of a tankless unit is that you will never run out of hot water. Since the water heats as it is getting used; as long as the hot water faucet is on, hot water is produced.

Indoor Air Quality

Managing your indoor air quality can be difficult. There are many components and variations that go into home air quality. While your system is running typically all windows and doors are shut tight. This means that no fresh air is coming inside to replace the stale, contaminated air. Air from inside continuously cycles through as you heat or cool your home, which means particles or other toxins stay inside. These toxins are harmful to the residents health, there are various steps to take to increase poor air quality.

Commitment to Customer Service

At NOWHA we always commit ourselves to our customers. We know that HVAC repair, maintenance and installation can be an expense that homeowners are not looking to spend. To make the process a more manageable we pride ourselves in the customer service we provide each and every property. Our technicians and home advisers bring the experience and skills to successfully diagnose the problem in your system along with the proper solution.

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