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Look around, is there a lot of dust everywhere you look. Or, do you find yourself dusting more than you believe you should? Wondering how come? Generally it’s a good bet your air duct system is full of dust, mites, allergens and other debris. NOW Heating and Air’s Air Duct Cleaning techs are trained to inspect and clean your air ducts right down to your comfort system’s air filters. We use the largest Air Duct Cleaning system that’s available. Our system is capable of removing all dust and debris that may exist in your residential or commercial air duct system. Nothing will remain behind guaranteed. And, your heating and air conditioning system will thank you by becoming more efficient, which can actually reduce your energy costs and system maintenance.

Clean dirty ducts.

 Here’s a brief outline of our Air Duct Cleaning:

1. Pre-Cleaning Inspection:

We inspect your HVAC system to determine the most efficient duct cleaning approach, locate hidden wires that might be damaged, identify contaminants that require special cleaning methods, etc.

2. Vent Cleaning:

We use an all organic mixture sanitizes and deodorizes. It is not harmful to pets or people.

3. Pre-clean:

Vent Openings with a HEPA rated hand vacuum to prevent dust from being blown-back into the living area when the duct is later Bristle Brushed. – See more at:

4. Return Side Duct Cleaning:

We scour the return ducts that supply air to your HVAC system. Special care is taken to avoid damaging electrical wiring that is often found in these passages.

5. Clean Supply Ducts:

The ducts that blow heated or cooled air to your rooms are brushed and vacuumed long the entire length with our Bristle Brush Equipment.

6. Main Trunk Cleaning:

During this step, our brush with turning capability ensures that every portion of your system’s large central duct work is scoured clean.

7. Deodorizing/Sanitizing:

If it’s necessary, we’ll deodorize and sanitize your system with an EPA registered anti microbial compound that destroys bacteria, mold, mildew, algae and fungi. The product we use is so safe that it can be used in occupied spaces and it’s commonly applied in places like nursing homes and hospitals. Now Heating and Air’s thorough cleaning process takes 6-8-hours to clean a typical four bedroom home. Larger homes in our service area actually take 2 full days to properly clean the ducts. In comparison, some air duct cleaners spend just 2-4-hours “cleaning” the ducts in an entire, 2-story, 4-bedroom house. Is it any surprise that these cleaners often quote prices that are less than half of what a reputable company like Now Heating & Air charges? So when you’re trying to decide which air duct cleaning company to hire, we invite you to ask our competitors how long it will take to complete your job. Then ask us. We think you’ll find that no other company puts forth as much care and effort as Now Heating & Air to really clean your air ducts.


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