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Insane Rebates for 2022!

NOW Heating and Air is proud to offer a range of deals for a variety of your HVAC needs. Check out our current offers and get the best deal in town. If you need some help, call us and let our friendly customer service agents help you find the right promotion for your requirements. We’re excited to help you get the HVAC appliances you need at a price that your family budget can afford.

Xcel Energy offering up to $9000 back?!

With qualifying heat pumps, right now you can get up to $7,200 back for a high-efficiency heat pump and up to $9000 back for a cold climate heat pump. These deals only last while the funding is still available.
Below, you’ll see a full breakdown:

Air Source Heat Pumps: $7,200 Rebate for High Efficiency and $9,000 Rebate for Cold Climate

Ground Source Heat Pumps: $1,800 per ton rebate up to $9,000

Mini-Split Heat Pump: Up to $5,400 rebate with cold climate heat pump.

That’s Not All We Have to Offer

We still have a ton of other great rebates. Right now, you could get any of these systems for next to nothing!

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