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As technology moves forward, new products are being created. Home thermostats aren’t the same as they were 20, 10, or even five years ago. With the development of technology came new and improved smart thermostats. These smart thermostats take your heating and cooling system to a new level.

Smart thermostats put into consideration your coming and goings, the climate outside, and how many people are in the house to customize your home’s heating and cooling pattern. Some even come with an app and wifi capabilities for the most effective readings. The most beneficial aspect of the smart thermostat is the energy savings, companies claim there’s a 20 to 30 percent savings on energy bills.

Smart Thermostats

There are many smart thermostats on the market today that are able to provide the savings you are looking for. The following are smart thermostats on the market today.

  • Nest Learning Thermostat, Third Generation
  • Honeywell
  • Emerson Sensi
  • Ecobee3
  • Venstar

The Nest and Ecobee are recommended by many HVAC companies and technology masters. They might have an expensive initial cost but over time it will pay for itself with all the money saved on energy bills.


One of the first and leading companies to make smart home thermostats. Differing from other Nest products, the third generation Nest offers a sharper and larger touchscreen. It comes with an app that gives a report on energy use and irregular patterns relating to the function of your furnace or air conditioner.

After just a week, the system recognizes your actions and adjusts the temperature for your comfort without having to change it yourself. With the Nest app, you have the ability to change the temperature whenever you want. Built-in sensors can also monitor humidity, light, and movement. The Nest also uses its wifi to check the local weather so it can adjust indoor conditions based on what the outdoor weather is.


With wifi connectivity, this thermostat makes sure the residents of your home are comfortable at all times. The Ecobee3 senses if someone is home and what room they are in to adjust the home temperature. It can save a homeowner up to 23 percent annually in energy-saving costs. It also lets you monitor and control settings from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

This smart thermostat uses wireless sensors that are put in various rooms of the house that connect with the main thermostat. The sensors have the ability to detect when you are and aren’t in a room. It then adjusts the temperature of the home until it meets the target temperature of that room.

If you are using the kitchen, the sensors can detect that and will adjust the whole house to be cooler to compensate for the hot temperature in the kitchen. When there are multiple residents inside the home the thermostat will take into consideration the temperature of all the rooms to determine an average temperature for the whole house.

A smart thermostat is a good investment if you are looking to save money and energy. Although an expensive cost to begin with, the amount of money you’ll save on energy over the years can make up for it. Do your research to determine what thermostat will work best for you and your home environment.

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