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Light your fireplace this cold season to add warmth to your home without the need to pay for utilities. There are many benefits to having a fireplace inside your home. Not only does a fireplace add character and style to your home but can also cut energy costs and can be used all year-round. Common fireplaces for your home are;

  • Wood-burning
  • Electric



  • Independent energy source
    • Wood-burning fireplaces use no electricity or gas when used to source heat. With that being said, during a power outage you will be able to not only provide heat for the house but will also produce light.
  • Save energy
    • Going along with being an independent energy source, wood-burning fireplaces will allow your home to be energy efficient and save money monthly. Firewood costs less to purchase than it does to run and heat your system.
  • Eco-friendly
    • Unlike fossil fuels, wood is a sustainable energy source. Fireplaces are incredibly efficient so they produce enough heat while you use less fossil fuel supplied energy. Burning wood leaves no carbon footprint.
  • Use to cook
    • A wood-burning stove is another added benefit. It will provide a homeowner the option to save energy on using kitchen appliances when you cook. A wood stove won’t use any energy when cooking.



  • No fumes
    • An electric fireplace plugs into an outlet in your home to produce heat. Artificial flames will appear around the sculpted logs to create a realistic look. No gas is being used with an electric fireplace so you don’t have to worry about gas inside your home.
  • Easy maintenance
    • Since an electric fireplace only uses electricity clean up and maintenance is easier that other types of home fireplaces on the market today. All you have to do is flip the switch “on” when you need it and “off” when you don’t.
  • Year-round use
    • Even on a chilly summer night you can easily turn on your fireplace to heat the house and provide comfort. Since it doesn’t use a real flame it makes it an easy process to use quickly.
  • Design options
    • When you select an electric fireplace you have the opportunity to select from a variety of styles. Whether contemporary, traditional or modern there is an electric fireplace out there for everyone’s needs.

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