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A boiler has been a great heating source for a home for a while, the oldest source. They are optimal for businesses; hotels, warehouses, or large stores since boilers provide evenly distributed heat. Often times boilers are preferred among homeowners because they do not create a draft of heated air, unlike systems that use a heat pump.

Replacement or Repair

How old the unit is will depend on its effectiveness. Boilers are one of the most effective methods homeowners can heat their houses with. The expense of a repair increases with age and can get quite pricy if an entirely new boiler heating system needs to be installed. Old boilers are about 50 percent efficient while new boilers are much higher.

Call a professional HVAC company to have them service your boiler on a regular basis. Maintenance will be more beneficial to the system, in the long run, to prevent a boiler replacement later down the road. Repairs can be on the expensive side but it is worth it when it comes it the effectiveness and efficiency of a boiler.

Money Savings With a Boiler

After each season of use, the boiler will begin to deteriorate but with the right maintenance, it is an efficient way to heat your home. A boiler does not use ductwork as a heat pump would. Instead, pipes leading to the radiator and baseboards are utilized. Meaning less heat is lost during the heating process.

It is essential to make sure that your boiler is maintained and installed by a professional. An expert technician will not only be able to size the unit but also ensure the proper efficiency is set for the space that it is needed. You do not want your boiler to be replaced or repaired by someone who is not specialized.