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Furnace Certification or Furnace Inspection

One of the most commonly asked questions when someone is preparing to buy a home is what is the difference between a furnace certification and a furnace inspection. While both involve taking a look at the home’s furnace, a certification goes way beyond what an inspection does. Below you learn a little bit about what each one involves, and why if you’re purchasing a home you should go with a furnace certification.

What Is a Furnace Certification?

Having a furnace certification done in the home that you are buying or selling is much more extensive than a furnace inspection. When your furnace a certified a licensed HVAC contractor will come out with all of their tools and check each of the major components that are involved with a furnace. From checking the heat exchanger to making sure that all other components are working correctly, you want to have a certified HVAC contractor go through and check each part. What then happens is they certify that the furnace is in fact in good working order, and is a viable option for this home whether you are selling it or purchasing it. When you choose Now Heating and Air, our certification comes with a one-year guarantee that it will continue to work. We also will certify for how close the furnace is to being new. We let you get a general idea of about how much life is left in the furnace. Whether you’re selling your home and looking to certify that the furnace is great, or you’re buying a home, and you want to certify that the furnace will last you through your first-year contact Now Heating and Air for a furnace certification today.

What Is a Furnace Inspection?

A furnace inspection may be done by either your hired home inspector or an HVAC contractor. Essentially, in a furnace inspection, the contractor will take a look at the furnace and make recommendations for what repairs need to happen. It’s less extensive than a furnace certification and therefore could miss different components or parts that may cause you problems down the line. A furnace inspection is a great option if you are a current homeowner and want to make sure that your furnace is in tip-top shape, but if furnace certification is needed if you’re going to be purchasing a new home.

What Should I Do?

If you are buying or selling a home, you should call Now Heating and Air in Denver, CO for the best furnace certification service around. We certify all furnaces for up to one year! Call us today at 303-287-8000 to get started today!

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