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About Commercial Water Heaters

Alike any residential property, a commercial business also needs to have their water heater functional at all times. Places like a gym, hotel, laundromat, or spa especially need to keep their commercial gas water heater in tip-top shape. Clients, customers and employees all depend on an environment that is comfortable to function in.

Although commercial businesses think a water heater is not the biggest concern for them, this is a problem that needs fixing ASAP. No matter how big or small the issue is, call to get service immediately. Even the smallest problem can expand into a larger issue within just a few days.

Maintenance of a Commercial Gas Water Heater

A commercial water heater gets service yearly. Of course, depending on the amount of use will determine what type of maintenance a business has. This should be provided by a certified and insured professional. A regular inspection makes sure that the commercial gas water heater is safe during operation.

A Technician Will Check:

  • Ignition systems
  • Temperature control or other water heater controls
  • All safety shut-off valves; check all operations and tightness
  • Airflow must not be blocked; also remove dust, dirt and debris
  • Drain water; this should be done monthly too with just a gallon of water

Common Commercial Operational Problems

  • Not enough hot water. This can be due to a wide variety of issues. The power could be out and all that needs to happen is for the breaker to be reset and power to turn back on. Or, maybe there is sediment and lime scale buildup in the tank.
  • Water it very hot. Ensure the temperature setting are on the set properly and piping is properly placed.
  • Noisy. Rumbling and weird noises can arise during heat cycles. This noise often times comes from sediment and lime scale buildup within the unit.
  • Leaking water. First make sure your commercial gas water heater valve is tight so no water leaks through. Also check the temperature-pressure relief valve in case there is excess water temperature or pressure.

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