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Heating and cooling systems need annual maintenance in order for any problems to be diagnosed early. A commercial maintenance plan can prevent issues while keeping up to date on the system. If issues within the system go without attention, they can become larger and more complex. It is vital to a commercial property that the HVAC system is working condition, especially in the Denver area. The weather changes at a fast-pace therefore your system needs to be ready to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for customers, clients or employees.

Each commercial maintenance plan is custom built to meet the needs of the business while obtaining the manufactures’ requirements of the equipment. It is important to NOWHA to provide quality service for each business. This means taking the time to work with each commercial property to come up with a plan that will effectively maintain the HVAC system.

Benefits of a Commercial Maintenance Plan

  • Catch problems early on
  • Equipment runs more effectively and efficiently
  • A working HVAC system will increase customer and employee satisfaction
  • Custom built for your business and equipment
  • Minimal downtime
  • Peace of mind that the system won’t fail
  • The lifespan of the system will increase

Why to Get a Commercial Maintenance Plan?

The HVAC system is an out of sight, out of mind component to the building. We don’t really notice the unit it until something goes wrong. This might be a strange noise coming from the system or maybe the system is not producing hot or cold air all together.

Business will have a direct impact by this. The strange noise could disrupt the ability for employees to focus and the lack of air can cause the whole building to shut down until the adequate environment is provided.

A commercial maintenance plan will help to prevent any problems that might arise during the hot or cold weather, when the system is needed most. As well as, preparing the system to start running the opposite type of air.

Services Include

  • Check functions and safety controls
  • Inspect any electrical connections
  • Check out air flow, change air filter
  • Clean and lubricate motors
  • Highly trained technicians
  • Quality service in a timely manner
  • 24 hours a day, 7 day a week service

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