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With temperatures in Colorado heating up for the summer, there isn’t a lot of thought going into whether or not your furnace will be ready when things start to cool down in the fall. There are a few easy steps to take before the cold weather hits to make sure that your furnace is in working order – because it always gets colder before anyone is ready for it.

Keeping your home comfortable might seem like an afterthought, especially if your main interaction with your AC unit and furnace is simply intermittently adjusting the thermostat. However, just because everything turns on and off, doesn’t mean there isn’t any underlying issues that could be affecting your energy bill – or more importantly, the appliance itself.

One of the first things to do to your furnace to gear up for a season change is change the filter. Particularly if you have pets – and Colorado loves its dogs – this filter can get dirty quicker than many people expect. By changing the filter every few months, it means your furnace doesn’t have to work as hard to heat your home. That means easier comfort and lower energy bills.

When changing the filter, it is also a good time to go through the house and make sure all of the heating vents are uncovered. If there are any objects or furniture blocking the heating vents, make sure to clear the area so the vents are free from anything in the way. Not only will obstructed vents impede making your home comfortable – both consistently and efficiently – but this could also potentially pose a risk for a fire if flammable items are near or are covering heat vents.

Before turning your furnace on for the first time, make sure to check the burners. If you haven’t had to heat your house for an extended period of time, dust can gather on the burners inside your unit. This can cause an undesirable dusty smell to permeate through the house. Cleaning the burners will get rid of that, and it will also enable you to inspect the inside of the unit to make sure there aren’t any obvious items disconnected.

Along that same line, it’s important to pay attention when you first turn on the furnace in the fall. If the initial time you turn it on is met with any peculiar noises or unusual smells, it may indicate some larger issues going on with the unit. Of course, you can always contact your local HVAC company to run a quick inspection to make sure things are in working order. This might be a good idea if your furnace is getting older, just to make sure everything is set for the season ahead.

Some of these things, like changing the filter, can be done anytime – meaning less steps to take for your home to be ready to switch to the warm air when the season changes. For more information on how to maintain your air conditioner and furnace between seasons, contact the experts at NOW Heating & Air today.

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