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When your HVAC system needs attention, as a homeowner, you want a reliable company that you know will get the work done in a quality matter. The fall season is a high-traffic time for homeowners to get their systems repaired, replaced or installed leaving HVAC companies with a busy schedule. If you are looking for a new HVAC company to service your home take the following steps to ensure the company is a right for your home and family needs.

Hire the Right HVAC company

Look at Reviews

Check out reviews and social media accounts of the companies you are looking to hire. This is a great way to see what other clients feel about the company through the quality of work and satisfaction of the job done. Many people use the Better Business Bureau to write their reviews or complain about a company. Yelp is another place you can read reviews and comments on the company. It is important to read both negative and positive reviews. See how the company reacts to negative reviews. This shows a lot about a company and their customer service.


It is very important to make sure when hiring a new HVAC company that they hold a Denver license. Use to check if the company you are looking to use has a license within Denver.

If the HVAC company is not licensed, you can risk getting fined and your project can be determined without compensation. Unlicensed contractors can risk jail time and if a client doesn’t pay there is no legal recourse. Go with a licensed contractor to protect yourself and home.

Three Bids

When hiring a new contractor it is recommended to get at least three bids from different companies. Get three bids to help you understand what the exact problem of your unit is. Not all contractors have the same views and can diagnose a problem differently. This will also identify the price range.


Once you have selected your contractor the next step is to get a written contract. This should include what tasks will be performed, what the costs will be and a specific timeline including the finish date. Double check all info on the contract to make sure it is all accurate.

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