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Fall allergies are upon us, one of the best ways to help keep fall allergies under control is to care for your HVAC system and indoor air quality. Indoor allergens consist of mold and mildew, pet dander and dust mites. Reduce the amount of allergens inside your home to keep the residents inside your home healthy.

Although great for ventilation, if people in your home suffer from allergies during the fall season, it is best to keep all doors and windows closed. Unwanted pollen from outside will settle inside your home if there is access. In order to remove pollen from inside your home you will have to vacuum and mop. Pollen particles sit on the floors, where air filters do not reach.

Keep a clean air filter in your system. Whether you are using your air conditioning system or furnace, the air filter can help to reduce the amount of allergens inside your home. An air filter does not eliminate all allergens but does pick up some polluted air particles. The main duty of an air filter is to protect the system from excess dirt, dust and materials not regulate indoor air quality. Change the air filter once a month to ensure airflow and a clean filter.

Invest in an air purifier if a resident continues to suffer from allergies inside your home. An air purifier will remove all contaminated air within the room. Consider the size of the room when you select the right air purifier for your needs. Add a purifier to bedroom of people who have allergies. You consume the most amount of contaminated air while you sleep and windows are closed.

Another source of excess dirt, mold and allergens is your air duct system. Call a professional HVAC serviceman to check out your system. This is not a task a homeowner should do on their own. Cleaning your air duct system can be difficult and a serviceman has the knowledge to look and diagnose a problem. Regular maintenance on your HVAC system is not just beneficial to the system itself and how it works but to the health of the residents inside your home.

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