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It is essential to make sure your commercial space has proper ventilation and air quality. Poor commercial indoor air quality could result in health issues for you, your employees and customers inside the property. Protect your health and the health of those inside the commercial building by paying attention to the quality of air.

Importance of Poor Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is not only important in a residential home but also extremely important in a commercial area. Breathing contaminated air for long periods of time is bad for the health of everyone inhaling the air. Health risks consist of respiratory disease, heart disease and cancer. Ensure your clients and employees are comfortable in the space by scheduling an appointment with your local HVAC company and get the quality of air tested.

Air Quality Tests

Have a technician test your property for the quality of air regularly to maintain the contaminated air inside. It is a common solution to install a filtration system to eliminate the poor air but a test will give a better understanding of the problem and what is causing it. Air quality tests include, energy efficiency, infiltration and thermal imaging for moisture. A test is the best way to fully know what is causing the poor air quality to get to the source of the problem.


Poor indoor air quality develops when there is not enough fresh air getting replaces with the inside contaminated air to reduce the contaminated air particles. Ventilation helps to keep air flowing in and out of the building. This is the most recommended way to manage the air quality inside your commercial space.