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Is a Humidifier Right for Your Commercial Business?

In Colorado where it is extremely dry, it’s important to keep good levels of humidity throughout your commercial property. It can be difficult to maintain humidity but taking steps to ensure humidity is around or less than 65% is vital. Dry air is one of the largest indoor air quality issues in Colorado. It leads to serious health issues if not taken into consideration. You don’t want to put excess moisture into the air either. High humidity levels can create mold, mildew, dust mites and other hazardous living conditions for people inside the property.

Maintaining humidity levels is difficult but important to your commercial business. Call Now Heating & Air to schedule an appointment today.

Low Humidity Side Effects

  • Dry, itchy throat
  • Inflamed mucus membrane
  • Dry, cracked skin and lips
  • Respiratory issues; asthma, bronchitis or nosebleeds
  • Static electricity

How a Commercial Humidifier Works

There are various types of a commercial humidifier on the market today that cater to commercial and residential properties. Understanding how they work is beneficial to you, as the property owner, to determine what humidity unit is best for you.

Select a whole-building commercial humidifier to be installed into your commercial space, these are typically your best solution when looking to increase humidity levels. Humidifiers for larger areas will allow hot air from the furnace to pass through and provide moisture in the air as it gets distributed in the entire building. Single room or portable humidifiers are also on the market. Typically a smaller humidifier will have a tank to load water that will release steam into the air. These won’t do much for anything bigger than a single room.

Schedule an appointment with NOWHA to talk with a technician to see what type of unit and system is best for your commercial humidity needs. Our team of expertise will go over with you what type of system they recommend and the reasonings behind that decision. NOWHAs field technicians have years of experience in commercial humidification. We are a reliable company for your commercial humidifying needs.

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