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Do not risk your system during the important winter months. It is an easy task to change to a clean air filter regularly to prevent problems on the furnace as a whole. Heat is a priority in the cold, winter months to keep the household comfortable. Especially in the winter your home cannot afford to take a “timeout” and not produce heat. An air filter will help to keep the system running smoothly without it having to work extra. Although the filter is not a key component in heating the unit, the benefits of reducing poor air particles and ability to protect the furnace allows for the unit to do its job properly. Change the air filter regularly as a proactive measure to protect your furnace this winter season.

Benefits of a Clean Filter

There are a few benefits to a clean air filter to protect the HVAC system.

Energy and Cost savings

An air filter that has been used for months will restrict airflow throughout the system. This means that the unit will use more energy to run than normal. As a result, the utility costs will rise; a monthly cost that can help be reduced by a new air filter.

Clean Air

Members of the household that suffer from allergies or asthma can benefit from a clean filter. The main job is not to reduce contaminated air particles and allergens but it does help remove some from the air. This is just a starting step to increasing indoor air quality, additional steps are taken if air quality is poor.

Lack of Buildup

Buildup will occur around the air filter which restricts the airflow that runs through the system. Once a new air filter is put into place, the air will flow freely through the system. This will decrease the amount of polluted air in the home and how efficiently the system runs.

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