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Tips on How to Winterize Your Home

Eliminate Drafts

Problem. Cold air is coming inside to cool down the house. As the warm air rushes under the door, the cold air rushes in.

Solution. Add a draft snake under the door or window seal to prevent the cold air from seeping in the cracks. This is a simple resolution to keep your home efficiently heated. Draft snakes can be purchased online from a variety of retailers or you can make one yourself with a few simple materials.

Bubble Wrap the Windows

Problem. Single-pane windows or older windows often allow cold air to come into the window.

Solution. It might sound strange, but insulate the window with bubble wrap to keep the cold air from coming in. This method allows for light to still come in but keeps the cold out.

Install a Storm Door

Problem. Cracks within the door are creating a way for warm air to leave the home and the cold air to come in.

Solution. Install a storm door to help reduce the amount of cold air that reaches the door leading into your home. Storm doors come in different materials for various weather needs.

Change the Direction of the Ceiling Fan

Problem. The air inside the home is hot and trapped but the fan only cools down the air.

Solution. Switch the direction of the rotation to clockwise. A counter-clockwise fan will cool air downward while clockwise rotation redistributed warm air that has raised to the ceiling.

Update/Program the Thermostat

Problem. You want to keep your home warm and comfortable at all times but don’t want to break the bank.

Solution. An upgraded thermostat will allow the homeowner to program certain temperatures for specific times of the day. This is an energy-efficient way to for your unit to control a comfortable temperature.

Remove the Window A/C Unit

Problem. Cold air is leaking through the cracks of the A/C unit that is in the window.

Solution. Find a safe and dry storage space for your window A/C unit and put the screen back in to close the window. This will help to seal any cracks or space that was exposed with the A/C unit in the window.

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