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A Dirty Air Filter Can Lead to High Costs

High Energy Bills

No matter what system is in use, the air will have to flow through the filter. A dirty filter will restrict the airflow cause the system to become inefficient. A clean air filter lets the air move freely through the system and can also cut down 5 to 10 percent on the energy bill, according to the Department of Energy.

Homeowners commonly forget to change their air filters but it can save money in the long run and will allow for the system to work longer and more efficiently. Add a reminder to the calendar to change the filter annually or change when the bill comes every month. Takes a few moments to change the air filter in the system will be beneficial to the energy costs.

Residents Health

A dirty air filter will be unable to collect all polluted particles and dust from going through the system. The contaminated air will continue to circulate throughout the house which can result into health concerns for the residents inside the home. Although the main function of an air filter is not to capture all particles within the system, it will help to trap and maintain excess dust.

If someone in your family has asthma or allergies extra dust and buildup can circulate within the house. This can spark and increase symptoms resulting in unwanted health concerns. If symptoms continue, even with annual air filter changes, take steps to further indoor air quality.

Filtration Soiling

Filtration Soiling occurs when dust and particles accumulate in the carpet fibers where concentrated areas of air that flows over the carpet or through tiny cracks underneath the carpet. Some might think that the quality of carpet has an impact on filtration soiling, this is not true. The two factors that go into soiling are; the volume of air flow and the amount of pollutants in the air. Filtration soiling will be more noticeable on lighter colored carpets but will still be identifiable on darker carpet.

Removal and prevention of filtration soiling can be difficult. It is best to seal all cracks that cause airflow through the carpet. This means sealing the cracks in the baseboards, sub floors and stairs of the home. Also make sure to keep up with maintenance and air filter changes to ensure no excess contaminants or polluted air will cause filtration soiling.

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