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A walk-in cooler or freezer is essential to many commercial businesses. Whether that be a school cafeteria, restaurant, grocery store or gas station NOWHA services walk-in coolers and freezers. Since this appliance is such a large energy consumer it is important that maintenance is done regularly for energy efficient use. It is common for walk-in coolers and freezers to encounter problems just like any other component of an HVAC system, if your walk-in experiences some issues call right away to get the system working again.

Walk-in Cooler/Freezer Problems

Cooler Is Freezing

If the cooler starts to freeze it is common that there might be ice on the evaporator. Melt the ice around the evaporator then check if the fan is working correctly. Make sure that the pressure and temperature are set right before calling an HVAC technician if the problems persist.

Doesn’t Maintain Temperature

Before calling a technician double check to make sure the temperature, pressure and subcooling are all normal. Also check to make sure that the door is tightly sealed. If the walk-in does not hold the correct temperature there are typically problems with the parts itself.

The Door Is Not Properly Sealed

If the door is not properly sealed it would make sense that the walk-in is not providing the adequate temperature. The springs or small hydraulic system that are used in the door-assist can get worn out over time, not allowing the door to be correctly shut. Replace the springs or hydraulics effectively.

Nonfunctional Heater Strip

Replacing the heater strip is difficult and should be done by a trained professional. This is a strip that keeps the door from freezing shut and creates a tight seal around the door.

If you have a problem with your walk-in cooler or freezer in your business call immediately to diagnose the issue and get it fixed ASAP. Don’t wait too long to get repairs done or else problems can worsen.