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The last stretch of summer is here. Your air conditioner has worked overtime this summer in the heat and problems might start to arise with your system. To help diagnose the problem, below are a few common problems that homeowners experience with their air conditioning units.

Air Conditioning Won’t Turn On

As a homeowner, you rely on your air conditioning unit to provide everyone in your house with a comfortable environment but when it stops working what do you do? If your air conditioning unit does not automatically turn on when the thermostat signals for cool air, one of the following might be the problem.

What to Do

  • A tripped breaker or a blown fuse
    • Turn off the power
    • Check the main electrical panel
    • Reset the breaker
    • If the breaker continues to trip, call an electrician
  • Make sure the temperature is set to three degrees cooler than room temperature
  • Remove the cover of your thermostat and check to see if the batteries need to be replaced and if all the wires are properly secured.

No Cold Air

If no cold air is coming out of the system but it’s on there is a problem. It is common when you can hear your unit run but no cold is coming out that it could be blocked or limited airflow anywhere throughout the system.

What to Do

  • Check the indoor air handler
    • Turn off the power
    • Remove the door; pull out the filter to clean or replace
    • Clear the condensation drain; over time the condensation drain can create algae build which limits the amount of airflow.
  • Check the outdoor compressor
    • Turn off the power
    • Clean the compressor of all particles
    • Check to make sure it is working; the fan should be turning inside. If the compressor is not working try to reset the unit.
    • Check the coolant, if nothing else works, call your local HVAC company to have someone look at your system.

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