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Winter is supposed to be colder than last, creating a rise in your home’s utility costs.

The four main heating sources; propane, natural gas, electricity, and heating oil will all have an increase in utility costs when heating your home this cold season. If weather this winter is as predicted then the cold will create an increase in natural fuel demand.

Natural gas is up 22 percent and is expected to rise. The majority of Americans heat their homes with natural gas. Electricity is another common source of energy to get the heat needed in your home. Electricity also increased by five percent. The five percent of Americans who use heating oil will expect the largest increase of 38 percent.

For those homeowners who are on a financial budget there are other ways you can stay warm without breaking the bank on heating fuel costs. Fit into your budget hand warmers or warmer layers.



If looking for an easy and cost effective way to stay warm without over-running the heat during the cold season, hand warmers will help to stay warm momentarily. There are many stores that sell bulk packs of hand warmers which give you a better value for you money. Online you can find do-it-yourself projects that create the same effect of a hand warmer using rice. Both options will keep heat temporarily.

Wood Fireplace

Although you will still have the cost of wood in your budget, it is significantly less than what the increased natural fuel prices are. A wood burning fireplace is not an option for many homeowners but if you already have one installed, utilize it this winter.

Extra Layers

Throw on an extra sweatshirt or invest in some extra thick wool socks. When there is an increase in natural gas and a rise in prices adding an more layers to wear around the house will help keep you warm. Layer blankets too when lounging around the house. On cold days when you don’t want to run the heat extra, snuggle up under multiple blankets.


Seal Attic Access

Heat rises. You want to seal all cracks or access to the attic where the heat can continue to rise. Heated air rising into the attic is a waste of energy and money. Use weather strip to seal any cracks or access to the attic or areas you don’t want to waste the heat.

Tape off Cracks

Cracks around the windows and doors are the main issue for escaped heat. Use painters tape to seal and mark any cracks in the seal of your window and doors. This is a great temporary fix. When you get the chance, properly fix the broken seals around your doors and windows.

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