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It’s a common household debate around winter on whether to throw some extra layers on or to use the furnace to heat the house. Based on winter HVAC energy-saving tips this debate might finally be put to rest so you can heat your home while not spending an excessive amount on utility bills. You no longer have to find the balance between saving money on high winter HVAC energy costs and comfort again. The residents of your home can still be comfortable without the high energy costs that come with heating your home.

Winter HVAC Energy-Saving Tips

Keep Cold Air Out

Look for cracks that cause leaks around the doors, windows, cabinets, plumbing and other outlets. Use a sealant to ensure no cold air will be able to get inside the property. Storm doors and windows are also a good investment for drafty windows. Also check for dirty spots on the walls and ceiling that might symbolize excess moisture or air getting in.

Install Insulation

Overtime the quality of the insulation throughout your walls decreases. Your current insulation might not be up to today’s standard and will need to be reinsulated. Check with a professional about advice on your home’s insulation. Adding new insulation will keep hot air inside during the cold winter months.

Set Thermostat

The most efficient way to utilize your heating system this winter is to set your thermostat for when you are sleeping/awake or home/away. Most up-to-date thermostats will allow the homeowner to program the temperature for specific times of the day. This way when you are not home the unit will not waste energy to produce heated air that is unnecessary.

Temperature Settings

With a programmable thermostat you should set the temperature at 68 degrees fahrenheit when you are home and awake. Each degree below that will decrease your heating costs by three percent. When you are asleep set the temperature at 60 degrees.

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