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Thanksgiving is tomorrow and if you have guests that are coming over to your house, you might want to pay a little extra attention to your HVAC system. Although it is hard to please all guests that come over, there are steps you can take to make sure the system is running correctly during the hectic day. If you are hosting the cost of cooking the Thanksgiving meal can be expensive. But with everything that is going on indoors you might be able to save money on heating for the day.

Thanksgiving HVAC Musts

Change the Air Filter

The system’s air filter should be changed on a monthly basis. If you have not changed it recently, do so to ensure your guests are receiving quality air. A dirty air filter can create build up which restricts air from smoothly flowing through the system. This is a simple task that should be done before guests arrive.


Dust is not good for your HVAC system. It can cause serious problems to not only the system but also can affects people’s health. Eliminate dust from the home for the benefit of your system and to reduce the amount of allergens inside the home. The removal of dust can be as easy as taking a damp cloth and run it across your furniture.

Lower the Thermostat

With all the activities going on inside on the busy Thursday, the indoor temperature does not need to be set as high. The heat from the oven and stove full of yummy dishes will increase the temperature inside, significantly. In addition to the heat from cooking, extra people will be at your home. The ingredients and decorations for your Thanksgiving feast might cost a pretty penny, but you can save money on your energy bill for the day.

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