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By the time you realize that your furnace does not work, you risk having a cold home on a winter’s day. Since the heating unit has been off for the past six or more months, have a repairman service your home to get it in proper working condition.

Definitely get your system checked out if your unit was having problems last year. Heating system problems might not be an issue for your system at first. After the system goes unused during the warm months additional or bigger problems can arise.

Common Furnace Problems

Lack of Annual Maintenance

When it comes to your HVAC system maintenance is key. It is important to do annual maintenance to your system to extend its life and how it functions. If maintenance is not done on a regular basis bigger problems or even a new system might be needed.

Annual maintenance will diagnose a problem in a timely matter so the necessary repair can be made. A repair that goes unnoticed will affect the system is a way that can be costly. Not all problems that are detected early will prevent costly and unexpected repairs but it will help to keep your system in good shape.

Dirty Filters

Making sure your furnace has clean filters is an easy task that should be done monthly. The hardest part of changing your air filter is remembering to do so. Put on the calendar at least once a month to change your air filter to remember easier. A dirty air filter can clog the system and prevent productive airflow. If the air filter is clogged air won’t be able to travel through the system as efficiently. The dirt, dust, particles and contaminated molecules will create a block so the airflow is being restricted.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat in your home is what controls when and for how long your system is running. If your thermostat is not working properly or malfunctioning than problems with your system can occur. Heat won’t be produced if the room temperature is not being detected properly.

If the placement of your thermostat is not in an ideal location the thermostat might have problems with its readings. Do not place your thermostat in the following places.

  • Direct sunlight
  • Above a vent
  • Near the kitchen
  • Uncommon areas
  • By the bathroom

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