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When the water heater is not working properly the water from the faucet will become foul and unpleasant. Generally a water heater is very reliable but they do encounter problems. Below are common problems everyday homeowners face with their water heater and a few tips on how to repair yourself.

No hot water: This could simply mean that there is a faulty gas pilot. To repair, check the pilot flame and the operation, make the necessary adjustments to reposition and finally replace the gas pilot control valve in needed. Another common problem that comes with no hot water is the thermostat might need adjusting.

Irregular hot water: The probable cause for the irregular water temperature could be a number of problems but a common one is there is a cross connection somewhere. To check if a cross connection is your problem, turn off the water supply to the heater then turn on a hot water faucet. If water comes out, there is a cross connection.

Rust colored water: A common issue, rust colored water means there is corrosion within the system. Replacing the anode rods before they fair will reduce the amount of corrosion that gets inside the water heater tank.

Rotten egg odor: When the sacrificial anode decays into the tank, bacteria is created from the hydrogen gas. To fix the foul odor, you can first flush the water system with a hydrogen peroxide mixture. Replace the anode rods if problem continues.

Rumbling noise: An excessive amount of sediment can buildup at the bottom of the water heater tank and is causing the tank to overheat and boil the water. The best way to fix this is to flush the water heater to remove the sediment. Aluminum/tin/zinc rods are recommended to replace rods with a bad smell.

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