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If your home utilizes a heat pump it is necessary to make sure that during the snowy, cold winter months the unit stays clear of all debris. Since a heat pump draws air from around the unit, it is important to remove snow and ice from around the outside. While it is common for the coil to have a light layer of ice, it is not a good sign for the entire unit, including the top and sides, to be surrounded by ice or snow. Check your heat pump during the winter so problems don’t occur.

Winter Heat Pump Tips

  1. Clear the gap between the bottom of unit and the platform it sits on. This will allow the unit to drain properly. Snow blocking the drainage will create further build-up, creating additional problems.
  2. If the snow or ice is around the unit where it is difficult to remove, DO NOT force the removal. This causes severe problems to the unit itself or its parts.
  3. Defrost mode will be your friend but in moderation. The unit will reverse operation to defrost the ice around the unit. Defrost will only last temporarily, call your local HVAC company to get the unit maintained when defrost runs continuously.
  4. If your heat pump does not have a programmable thermostat, collaborate with an HVAC professional to see if your current system will be compatible with one. During the winter months it is energy efficient to program the heat.
  5. Check the filter. All aspects of your HVAC system are built around the air filter. to keep the system in great condition change the filter on a regular basis.
  6. Schedule regular maintenance. Biannual maintenance for a heat pump will help extend the lifespan of the unit. To prevent bigger problems regular maintenance finds problems in a timely manner.

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